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With the changes in the publishing industry, writers can now place their books in the hands of readers in a shorter time. This does not mean short-circuiting the process as quality is important. That’s why writers need the help of a wordsmith.

Content/Developmental/Substantive Edit - The first step in taking your novel from raw material to finished product.

This process ensures that all the crucial elements are in place - plot and character development, point of view, proper story structure, setting, style, dialogue, conflict issues, atmosphere, mood and tone.

Copy/Line Edit - A detailed examination of your manuscript—before it is formatted—which is intended to enhance the story.

The manuscript will be checked for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. The focus will be on improving the flow of the narrative, the language, pacing, story line, checking the meaning of words and terms, as well as consistency throughout the manuscript. Fact checking, style and redundancy issues will also be covered.

Proofreading - The final step before publication.

At this stage, the manuscript should have been through a content and copy edit. Proofing entails reading through and making corrections to the completed manuscript, checking for typographical and grammatical errors, punctuation, and that the text is accurate and properly formatted.


  • Reasonable turnaround time.

  • Thorough review of your manuscript using Microsoft Word’s tracking feature.

  • Consultation via Skype or the communication means of your choice.

  • The assurance that your manuscript will be in the hands of a professional who wants to help you produce the best possible story.

  • A clean manuscript that readers will enjoy.


  • Complete the contact sheet. Include your first chapter for a free evaluation.

  • Based on the chapter assessment, I will recommend the kind of editing needed.

  • We agree on terms of work and rates, and you pay a 50% deposit or other amount, as agreed.

  • Payment will be accepted through Paypal.

  • Chapters will be sent to you as they are edited, or according to your preference.

  • Final payment is due once the editing job is complete.

  • After the author accepts the changes, the entire manuscript will be reread.

Don’t delay. Click through to the contact sheet for your free evaluation.

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