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How CWE Works
As the saying goes, ‘One hand washes the other.’ Our vision is that of writers helping other writers and that’s where you come in.
It has been our experience that writers thrive in a supportive environment where they can exchange ideas while learning. With this in mind, we’ve developed a system of exchanging critiques in a mutually beneficial way. On signing up, you will be given 100 points to enable posting. We expect that you will start reviewing right away. The workshop operates on a simple points system as set out below.
Critiquing Fiction
Critiquing fiction may be an art, but there’s no secret to it. Follow these tips and links and you will be on your way to learning more about the craft of writing while conducting peer reviews.

Tips for Critiquing
  • Be respectful while sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  • Point out the positives. Say what you like about the story.

  • Indicate what you think needs work and say why.

  • Be conscious that you might not know the ‘rules’ of a particular genre if it isn’t what you read regularly.

  • Are the storytelling building blocks in place? Pay attention to character and plot development, point of view, setting, atmosphere, mood and tone.

  • Give the author your overall impression of the chapter.

  • Make suggestions for improvement.

  • Feel free to ask for clarification from the writer. Discussions can be taken to the forum.

  • Remember that the writer makes the final decision on what advice to take on his/her story.

  • Critique the writing, not the writer.

Still need a better understanding of how to do a critique? Check out the links below.

Welcome to the Caribbean Writers’ Exchange, a community of scribes at all levels. Share your work, get feedback and improve your writing skills in a friendly atmosphere.

Make the first step today to move your vision from dream to reality by taking advantage of the membership benefits.

  • Cost effective workshop in which you can participate from the comfort of your home
  • Secure and supportive learning environment, where you are free to post your (WiP) Works-in-Progress
  • nvolvement in a community of writers at all levels of development
  • Receive feedback on your work-in-progress as you write
  • Networking with other writers for collaboration and community support

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